Alcohol and Drug Information

To access the policy statement on Alcohol and Other Drugs, please see the following link:

Policy Statement on Alcohol and Other Drugs

To access information regarding Drug and Alcohol Education Prgrams, please see the following link:

Drug and Alcohol Education Program Information

Baylor University Alcohol Resources

Beauchamp Addiction Recovery Center

The BARC is part of a broad effort at the university to advance the well-being of its students. The multifaceted program will dramatically enhance Baylor’s efforts to foster the holistic well-being of its students in a manner that reflects the university’s values as a Christian community where wholeness, spiritual growth and academic success are priorities.

For complete information regarding Texas state laws governing alcohol, consult the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission at the link below:

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission

For information regarding alcohol or drug counseling, or treatment, contact the Baylor Counseling Center at 254-710-2467 or the Waco Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse at 254-753-7332.