Judicial Affairs Office

Bethany J. McCraw
Associate Dean for Student Conduct Administration
Ms. McCraw is the Chief Judicial Officer for Baylor University. She holds two degrees from Baylor with one being a Masters degree in Educational Psychology. She is originally from Mathis, Texas and has been involved in Higher Education Administration at Baylor since 1982.
David Murdock, Ph.D.
Associate Director for Judicial Affairs
Dr. Murdock is one of the Judicial Affairs officials who adjudicates disciplinary cases. He holds two degrees from Clemson University and a Ph.D. from Texas A&M University. Mr. Murdock is originally from Level Land, South Carolina and has been involved in Student Life work since 1997. He has been at Baylor since 2002.

Other Student Conduct Administration staff include:
  • Linda Cates, Director, Office of Academic Integrity
  • Kathy Reich, Student Conduct Administration Legal Associate and Office Manager
  • Vicki Miller, Academic Integrity Legal Associate
  • Kimo Cummings, Judicial Affairs Legal Associate