General Requirements

The online Master of Arts degree in journalism requires 36 hours, 30 of which are course work and six of which are a major project. Students will graduate with a concentration in advertising and public relations. The maximum course load for journalism majors is nine hours per semester.

Course Requirements

Core 21 hours

JOU 5310 Research Methods in Mass Communication 3 hours
JOU 5320 Theory of Mass Communication 3 hours
JOU 5350 Seminar in Mass Communication (any topic) 3 hours
JOU 5V90 Project Seminar 3 hours
JOU 5388 Master’s Project 6 hours
JOU 5385 Data Analysis & Visualization 3 hours

Electives 15 hours

Students must complete 15 hours of graduate journalism courses, taken under advisement.
JOU 4380 Media Law & Ethics 3 hours
JOU 4315 Strategic Communication Research 3 hours
JOU 5365 Social Media Course 3 hours
JOU 4371 Graduate Level 3 hours
JOU 5390 Ad & PR Leadership 3 hours

Academic Advisement

The Graduate Program Director closely advises graduate students in the online master’s program. Course loads and selections may differ for each student.

If the undergraduate degree is not in journalism, public relations, advertising communications or a similar discipline and the candidate does not have professional experience in these areas, he or she must take six hours of leveling courses:

  • PR Writing
  • PR Campaigns

Note: Students who need to take the leveling courses must finish those courses or be concurrently enrolled in them before moving on in the degree program. The department encourages students to take these courses in the summer prior to beginning graduate course work in the fall.

Research Project/Master's Project

To complete a research project, graduate students will experience a transformative education through informed engagement with knowledge gained in the classroom and in independent research.

Graduate students demonstrate their ability to acquire knowledge and to communicate their findings in a coherent well-executed research project. The project is a “capstone" experiences--meaning it should draw on and integrate the knowledge that students gained while working toward their master’s degree. Upon completion, graduate students will publicly present their research project either online via a teleconference platform or in-person during a campus visit.

Students must:

  • Demonstrate applied knowledge and learning with the final product being the goal
  • Exhibit the creation of something new such as a PR campaign, case study or research project for a nonprofit agency, or a new methodology or approach to address a valuable question such as how to market an organization in a new media climate
  • Showcase their project in a presentation (online or in-person) that explains the design and implementation of their project and its usefulness
  • Complete and turn in a report that summarizes the project: describes the problem, presents solutions, illustrates the project’s usage and importance
  • Reveal how they used classroom experiences to complete the applied project

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