Baylor Journalism Goes Global

October 30, 2013
By Sarah Turney, Human Resources Management and Nonprofit Marketing major

From alumni that serve in the armed forces to graduate students participating in missions, Baylor's Journalism, Public Relations & New Media department reaches the corners of the world. Alumni and students have connections to dozens of states and countries and have jobs in countless, diverse fields. A foundation of Christian faith and classroom experience allows journalism alumni to really impact the world around them.

Col. Robyn Chumley Serving with the American Forces Network

Robyn Chumley

Col. Robyn Chumley is a great example of what it means to go global. After graduating from Baylor with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism in 1985 and a Master of International Journalism in 1987, Col. Chumley joined the Air Force. Her father, an Air Force chaplain, encouraged her to join the military, even though she did not "want to wear polyester the rest of [her] life."

During her time at Baylor, she saw "Top Gun," and she realized that she was "completely missing out on where I should be," so she enlisted for four years.

For Chumley, "the military gets in your blood," so she stayed in military public affairs. She has worked with sides of operations ranging from "the pointy edge of the sword in Korea" to the U.S. Air Force in Europe. During her time as a deputy director with USAFE, she worked with media outlets to explain the military's presence and organize training and education for the community.

Chumley now works for the American Forces Network, where she uses her skills from the journalism classes she took at Baylor to lead the way in "bringing America to the folks overseas."

AFN has 17 stations in Europe and 12 in the Pacific region, with eight television channels and eight radio stations to allow soldiers to "get the headlines" and stay up to date with American popular culture. Chumley says that she has some challenges ahead, but she loves bringing "a touch of home" to soldiers like herself.

Graduate Student Meredith Millard Interns in Peru

Meredith Millard

While some of the journalism department's members long for a piece of what is back home, graduate student Meredith Millard recently traveled to Peru to reach out of her own comfort zone.

Millard, a 2012 international studies and art history graduate, participated in the Maastricht study abroad program in her undergraduate time at Baylor and developed a love for travel. She is conversational in Spanish and desired to travel beyond Europe.

Millard was searching for "something meaningful" to fulfill her Master of international journalism internship requirement when she found the Blue Sparrow organization in Huancayo, Peru. She worked with underprivileged children to teach them the value of communication through the Adobe Youth Voices program.

Millard was able to show her students how multimedia presentations, computer skills and English could impact the way they communicate.

Millard is a graduate assistant in the journalism department and a graduate student association representative. She has been backpacking through Europe and Peru, and she experienced many unique cultures and sights in her travels.

Journalism, she said, is the "coolest thing" because it allowed her to make connections between so many unlike things. "It [journalism] helps you learn how to speak to people," effectively communicate and affect the change that she wants to see in the world.

Alumna Amanda Hicks Uses Journalism Skills with CQ Roll Call

Amanda Hicks
Like Millard, even people without undergraduate journalism degrees are experiencing the benefits of the department's faculty and classes. Amanda Hicks, who graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in business journalism in 2005, shared how she "can talk both languages" of business and journalism.

She said the things she learned in the journalism department, like copy editing and InDesign formatting, are skills that she "still uses [her] daily work" as an editorial content manager at CQ Roll Call. Hicks has merged the worlds that she loves, helping her to expand her own career opportunities and experiences.

All three of these women are prominent examples of what it means to be a part of Baylor journalism. Whether it is serving her country, participating in service, or working with computer servers, journalism and the related communication skills are present in these women's lives.

The Baylor Journalism, Public Relations & New Media department has made an impact on them, their communities and the surrounding world and has allowed them to do the same.
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