Baylor grad conquers PR in Texas

September 12, 2013

Photo provided courtesy of David Hadeler

By Leslie Hillebrenner, public relations student

DALLAS -- David Hadeler, a Baylor alumnus, is well known in the Texas PR industry for his successful lifelong career in journalism. After handing off his PR firm to college friend Scott White, Hadeler made a great name for himself as a mentor to students involved in his two main fields of interest, journalism and baseball.

Hadeler first sought out journalism while enlisted in the military. Hadeler was drafted while attending a junior college.

Hadeler explained, "While I was in the Army, I met a guy in my unit who had been a journalism major in college and was working as a sports writer and he talked about his classes and it sounded really interesting and I thought 'I can write' so I may be good at that. I decided to get a journalism degree, and at the time, my parents had just moved from Dallas to just outside Waco. So I started at Baylor right out of the military to major in journalism."

After three semesters at Baylor, Hadeler transferred to a couple of different junior colleges to play baseball. He later returned to Baylor to finish up his degree in journalism and graduated in 1974. He attained his master's at the University of North Texas where he met Scott White as an undergraduate studying journalism.

Hadeler added, "After I got my master's, I got a job right away as an editor for an airplane magazine. I had hired Scott as a writer for me since I knew his passion for journalism. After that job had run its course, I later asked Scott to work with me and he agreed and we became business partners."

Over the next couple of years, Hadeler opened up his own ad agency, Hadeler Sullivan Ewing, in Dallas and then began building the concept of his own PR agency as a sister to his already booming ad agency. Without any question, he offered longtime friend Scott White the job of president of his new PR agency, Hadeler White Public Relations. White took him up on that offer.

White said, "I was grateful that David had set me up with a company so ready and eager to grow and to allow me to grow alongside the company we were now building together."

White has been working for HWPR ever since the beginning and enjoys "seeing the company grow into a multi-million dollar company."

Hadeler primarily works with his ad agency now as well as working as a lecturer for SMU. Hadeler also owns his own select baseball team in North Texas, the McKinney Marshals.
Hadeler said, "I would not change a thing about the career path I have chosen, except maybe taking more public relations classes while I was at Baylor. Other than that, PR and journalism have taken me exactly where I feel I need to be."
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