Baylor Alumna & Student Iluminate Path to Success in PR

September 10, 2013

Photo provided courtesy Amanda Hill

By Lily Duperier, public relations student

Is there a secret for landing a dream public relations job right after college? The associate editor at the nonprofit Texas Farm Bureau says yes. Amanda Hill, a 2006 alumna of the Baylor Journalism, Public Relations & New Media department, began paving her career as early as her senior year of high school.

"I'd say the most important tool in landing a job right after college would be interning as much as possible. My first job after college I had interned with the summer before," Hill said.

Aside from interning, Hill also highly recommended joining Public Relations Student Society of America. "It's all about the connections you can make," she said.


Photo provided courtesy of Taylor McNamara

Taylor McNamara, an aspiring public relations professional, seems to be following Hill's secret to success as she enters her senior year at Baylor. Interning at the Beyond Pedaling Studio in Dallas this past summer, McNamara learned how to advertise on no budget whatsoever. Using several social media outlets combined with online giveaways for her employer, McNamara learned to adjust to her internship quickly.

"Honestly, it was so much fun working for Beyond. I love public relations, and I love working out, so what could be better?" she said.

McNamara raves about the importance of working for a small company that you believe in. Currently studying abroad in Maastricht with Baylor University, she is still working for Beyond while overseas.

Hill revealed another priceless secret for the future of public relations.

"There is no typical day for job changes constantly, and I love it," she said.

This fast-paced career can be a challenge for some, but McNamara is up to the task. Already ahead of the game, she's held a blog together for a substantial amount of time, utilizing her writing and photography skills.

McNamara has also gained a large following, using Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to help to extend Beyond's name further into the public eye.

"It's easy when you believe in the organization itself, and you want to help it gain popularity," she said.
Aside from interning with Beyond, McNamara also studied abroad in Italy, gaining irreplaceable photography skills, which Hill passionately encourages for public relations majors.

Hill's advice for the future?

"Most people are coming into this career only knowing how to utilize social media," Hill says. "I'd caution against need to be well-rounded because the medium will change at some point."

As public relations continues to evolve, the only thing to do is to gain experience through internships, and to further develop basics such as writing skills. As seen through Hill and McNamara's experience, it is entirely possible to do so.
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