Journalism Professors Study on Search Engine Optimization Published

February 7, 2013
Mia Moody


Dr. Mia Moody-Ramirez and Dr. Elizabeth Bates study on search engine optimization was published in the February issue of the journal, Journalism & Mass Communication Educator. The article is titled PR Students' Perceptions and Readiness for Using Search Engine Optimization .

Here is a description of the study:

Enough evidence is available to support the idea that public relations professionals must possess search engine optimization (SEO) skills to assist clients in a full-service capacity; however, little research exists on how much college students know about the tactic and best practices for incorporating SEO into course curriculum. Furthermore, much of the literature on the topic is in trade publications and blogs rather than scholarly journals. To fill this void, this study has two primary objectives. First, it seeks to shed light on definitions, trends, and current practices relating to the use of SEO in public relations. Second, the study seeks to learn how much students know about SEO and where they acquired their knowledge. Educators can incorporate this information into curricula to help students remain current with the profession. Study findings are informative not only for PR professors who are considering adding SEO elements to courses but also for PR professionals who want to learn more about the topic.
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