Advertising Sequence

Advertising Sequence

The Baylor Journalism, Public Relations &  New Media department offers a sequence in advertising.  Students who earn a degree in journalism with a specialization in advertising learn about the different aspects of a career in advertising, including creative careers such as copywriting and art direction and business careers in advertising media buying, planning and sales.

Many businesses use some type of advertising specialist to promote their products. Advertising specialists use a wide variety of marketing techniques and media, including publications, television, internet and radio. Advertising majors can find jobs that focus on sales, marketing or creative design.

Employers typically prefer a bachelor's degree in advertising and some previous sales or marketing experience ( Knowing the principles and methods of sales and marketing strategies is beneficial for advertising sales agent candidates. Because advertising sales agents frequently meet with clients and potential customers, a professional and pleasant appearance is preferred among advertising employers. Updated knowledge and experience with various media platforms, including social media, is beneficial for advertising sales agents. Relevant coursework in an advertising major for those interested in a job in sales includes communication, promotional planning, account management and strategic marketing. Source:


Number of hours/units required for graduation: 
The Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism (JPR&NM) requires a minimum of 124 credit hours 

Number of hours/units required for a major/degree:  
33 semester hours 

Core Courses for ALL Students in the JPR&NM Program:
JOU 2303 Reporting and Writing for Media 
JOU 3325 Editing 
JOU 4380 Law and Ethics of Journalism 
Courses in track/sequence that all students in track/sequence must take: Degree emphasis (Provide number of credits earned.) 

All courses are 3 credit hours. 

Sequence III: Advertising 
JOU (3320 or 3367) Advertising Procedures, or Principles of Advertising and Public Relations 
JOU 3321 Advertising Copywriting 
JOU 3369 Media Design 
JOU (3374 or 3375 or 3389) Public Relations Writing, or Advanced Reporting and Writing, or Magazine and Feature Writing 
JOU 4315 Strategic Communication Research 
JOU 4320 Advertising Management