News-Editorial Degree Plan

In addition to basic university requirements, the News-Editorial sequence (Sequence I) students entering the program Fall 2009 or later* to complete:

30 hours of journalism courses--24 required, nine elective (all of which must be at the 3000/4000 upper level, not to include JOU 3372).

AND students must complete a minor or concentration (18 hours minimum, see below).

For more detailed course descriptions, access the university online course catalog. Select the desired term, then navigate to JOU classes by selecting College of Arts & Sciences > Journalism.

Required News-Editorial Core - 24 hours

JOU 2303 Beginning Reporting and Writing
JOU 3325 Editing
JOU 3355 Media Photography I: Introduction
JOU 3375 Advanced Reporting and Writing
JOU 4380 Law and Ethics of Journalism
JOU 4325 Advanced Editing
JOU 4340 Writing and Editing for On-Line Media
One course from: JOU 3376 History of American Journalism, or JOU 4359 History of Photography

Journalism Electives - 9 hours

Students may mix and match from any of these sub-categories (these and other electives offered vary by semester):

Journalism Elective Courses
JOU 3310 Sportswriting
JOU 3386 Editorial and Column Writing
JOU 3387 International Communication
JOU 3389 Magazine and Feature Writing
JOU 3391 News Internship
JOU 3393 Religious Communication Internship
JOU 3397 Advanced Magazine Editing
JOU 4325 Advanced Editing
JOU 4398 Public Affairs Reporting
JOU 4330 News Media and American Society
JOU 4340 Writing and Editing for On-Line Media
JOU 4350 Mass Media and Popular Culture

Photojournalism Electives
JOU 3356 Media Photography II: Photojournalism
JOU 3357 Advanced Photography
JOU 3392 Photo Internship
JOU 4359 History of Photography
JOU 4360 Documentary Explorations

Broadcast Journalism Electives
JOU 3315 Electronic News Reporting
JOU 3387 International Communication
JOU 3391 Broadcast News Internship

Required Minor or Concentration

All students must complete a minor offered in another department of the College of Arts and Sciences or a concentration from a school outside Arts and Sciences. Requirements for a minor range from 18-27 hours, as determined by individual departments.

A concentration must be a minimum of 18 hours, at least nine of which must be upper level (3000/4000). A concentration must come from one of the following schools: business, education, engineering and computer science, or music, and must be approved by the department chair.

Students must earn a grade of "C" or better in courses used for the major and in other courses used for the minor or concentration.

*Students beginning the program before Fall 2009 should refer to their Bearweb degree audit to verify their required courses as degree plans change.