JPRNM Supporting Students through Scholarships

Kelsey Wesolick, B.A. '15

Many young adults dream of attending Baylor University, but the generosity of Alumni often is what makes these dreams into realities for so many students. Kelsey Wesolick is one such student who is the recipient of both the Mr. & Mrs. Carmage Walls Endowed Scholarship Fund and a Journalism Department Scholarship, both of which are renewable scholarships for which she can re-apply for each year.

"Without these scholarships, I would not have been able to attend Baylor. As someone who is trying to pay for college myself, any little amount helps, and I have been blessed tenfold by the journalism department," Wesolick said.

"My favorite thing about the journalism department is the professors. They make the college experience worth fighting for. Not only are they supportive through trials and tribulations, but they offer valuable insight. Their willingness to go above and beyond to help students astounds me, as well as their dedication to students' success. I am motivated to do better because I have professors who are rooting for me."

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