Baylor in New York

To help students prepare for life after college, Baylor's department of communication offers the special program, Baylor in New York. The department of journalism, public relations and new media is the sponsoring department for this program.

Baylor in New York offers a distinctive and innovative effort to bridge the gap between the academic and professional worlds. By participating in internships and taking classes, students gain an education experience of a lifetime.

The program’s mission is for students to obtain a rich, informed view of the culture they live in, as well as develop a strong sense of their own personal callings within it. Baylor in New York believes its mission is an extension of Baylor's mission statement.

Journalism courses offered in the program are:
  • JOU 3391 News Internship
  • JOU 3395 Public Relations Internship
  • JOU 4V95 Special Studies in Journalism
If interested in Baylor in New York, contact Dr. Joe Kickasola, associate professor and program director.