Majors, Minors & Secondary Majors

"Being prepared has to do with experience. You can't just learn from reading books and sitting in a classroom. This department gets that." -Suzy Azzam, B.A. '10


A major in Journalism, Public Relations and New Media allows students to explore a broad-based liberal arts degree, while also earning a skills and theory-based degree backed up with practical experience. Students have the option of concentrating their degree in News-Editorial, Public Relations or New Media sequences. All students must complete a minor offered in another department of the College of Arts & Sciences or a concentration from a school outside of Arts & Sciences.


The department offers three choices for students majoring in other departments wishing to obtain a minor in journalism: the public relations minor, the photojournalism minor or the news editorial minor. Each consists of 18 semester hours. View requirements here.

Secondary Majors

A secondary major allows students to earn one bachelor's degree together with a secondary major associated with a different degree program without fulfilling all of the core requirements associated with that second degree.