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Baylor in Japan:
Intensive Summer Japanese Language Program

Program Director:
Yuko Prefume
Draper 156.03
One Bear Place 97391
Waco, TX 76798-7391

Courses Offered:
JPN 2310 & JPN 2320
JPN 3V70

Program Overview:
This six-week intensive summer course offers students an opportunity to study abroad in Japan and to gain intermediate or advanced level Japanese language skills and cultural knowledge.  The course consists of three weeks in the States and three weeks in Japan. 

The first three weeks in the States will prepare students for the immersion experience in Japan in order to reach higher levels of Japanese proficiency.  The course is taught by the Baylor faculty of the Japanese program.  Upon successful completion of the entire six-week program, students will earn six credit hours in JPN 2310 and JPN 2320 or three credit hours in JPN3V70. Participants must have completed JPN 1401 and JPN 1402 with at least a "B" average to enroll in JPN 2310 and JPN 2320. For those who wish to enroll in JPN3V70 must have completed JPN 2310 and JPN 2320 with at least a �B� average.

A full-time faculty course director will oversee the entire program including academic and cultural components, administrative amd personal matters, and travel arrangements.  While in Japan, the class will meet on the campus of Hosei University, one of the exchange universities of Baylor; and participants will stay in the accommodations near Hosei University.  Other program features include cultural excursions, outreach activities, company visits, and special lectures by a Japanese university professor, home stay, and peer-to-peer cultural exchange with Japanese university students. 

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