University to Double Internet Bandwidth

By Carl Flynn

Access - Fall 2008 - Bandwidth Chart In the next few weeks, ITS will work with representatives from Qwest Communications to move Baylor University's network connection to new lines that will double our Internet bandwidth. The University currently saturates its 155Mbps Internet connection from approximately 10:00am until 2:00am the next day. Following this cutover, our Internet connection will expand to 300Mbps, which will speed data transfer between Baylor University's network and the Internet.

This bandwidth expansion is made possible through Baylor's participation in the Lonestar Education and Research Network (LEARN) a high-speed network that links universities and other institutions in Texas ( The cost savings realized from moving our Internet connection from a dedicated line to LEARN will free up enough resources to allow ITS to investigate a secondary connection to the Internet with a backup provider. Under that arrangement, if anything happens to our primary Internet connection, this secondary connection would allow continuous access to the Internet.

The Baylor community will be notified in advance of the Internet outage that will occur when the cutover to this new network takes place. After the transition, users should experience faster Internet speeds at least initially. If you consider the history of bandwidth upgrades at the University, whenever we upgrade our connection we quickly occupy the new space. We have the ability with our participation with LEARN to purchase more bandwidth without changing our physical infrastructure.

ITS seeks to provide the technology resources necessary for advanced learning and research across the University. This bandwidth expansion addresses a critical, operational need, and ITS will continue to monitor and expand as necessary.