OsoFast Proxy Accounts for Faculty Now Available

by Ken Carriveau

The University Libraries are pleased to announce a new tool to facilitate faculty research and teaching. Faculty may now obtain proxy accounts for the OsoFast system that do not require Bear IDs and associated passwords, which they may therefore share with graduate/teaching/research assistants. By using a proxy account, faculty members may allow their assistants to order ILL and OsoFast Delivery materials on their behalf without jeopardizing the security of their Bear IDs. Graduate students will also be relieved to know that items they obtain for their faculty mentors and advisors will no longer be recorded on their personal OsoFast or BearCat records. Therefore, they will not be held responsible for payment of overdue materials or lost fines these items may accrue.

Select the "Request a Proxy Account" button from the OsoFast Main Menu to sign up for this service. Please contact Ken Carriveau at Kenneth_Carriveau@baylor.edu or call ext. 4607 if you have any questions.