New Copyright Policy and Website

by Billie Peterson-Lugo

Baylor's current copyright usage policy has not been changed since 1992 and reflects a highly restrictive perspective on the usage of copyrighted materials in an academic environment. Consequently, a committee of 11 faculty and staff (Sandy Bennett, Carson Mencken, Billie Peterson-Lugo (Chair), Kit Riehl, Doug Rogers, Greg Speegle, Jeff Steely, David Swenson, Sha Towers, Joseph White and Randy Woodruff) worked throughout the spring semester to develop a draft for a more appropriate policy. Since the usage of copyrighted material in an academic environment university is often complicated and subjective, a complementary website was also developed to provide guidance for common copyright usage issues, with the e-mail address available for less common questions. This new copyright site is now active.

During the fall, the draft of the copyright usage policy (and website) will undergo review by a variety of constituencies, including the Dean's Council, the Faculty Senate, Staff Council, Student Government, Graduate Student Association and others giving these groups an opportunity to provide feedback before it goes to the Executive Council for final approval.

A link to the copyright site is available from the "Research Help" menu on the library website. Please familiarize yourself with this site, make use of it when appropriate and send questions or comments to .