Donor Funds Refurbish Classic Chairs

Harry BertoiaĂs classic ˘chrome diamond chairs÷ have been in the library since the building first opened in 1968, and they only needed a little polish to dazzle students wandering through Moody Library. These ˘diamonds in the rough÷ have been discovered once again since they were reupholstered with new, blue, green and red fabrics.

Located throughout the libraryĂs first floor, the chairsĂ appeal was hidden by the 37-year-old upholstery. It was rare to stumble across a student actually making use of them.

Through the funds provided by the Baylor University WomenĂs Association of Houston (BUWAH) and by the DeanĂs Excellence Fund, 22 chairs were re-covered. The excellence fund includes donation given by parents and alumni through the Baylor Call Center.

Bertoia designed the chair around 1947 when he created a whole series of wire mesh furniture. The series has proven to be an immense success, as the chairs are often still featured on modern television shows. Also, they were featured in ˘100 Masterpieces for the Vitra Design Museum Collection÷ as well as in various other publications.

Hand-made by the Knoll Associates, the chairs were hard to manufacture and mass produce due to delicate mesh-wire design. Today, the chairs sell for about $500 each.

Now, with the new, inviting look of these classic chairs, students can actually look forward to resting their feet and studying in style.

- Katie Dunlap, Student Assistant, Library Advancement & Special Projects