˘Library Hotline÷ Phones Installed

Need immediate assistance in the library when no one is around? Simply pick up one of the four red telephones in Moody Memorial and Jesse H. Jones libraries and connect to a helpful staff member.

“When you are in a remote corner of a department store and can’t find a clerk to help, there’s often a phone available to call for assistance,” said Jeff Steely, assistant director for Client Services.  “The ‘library hotline’ phones are available for the same purpose – to provide a quick and easy way for library clients to obtain assistance when a staff member is not nearby.”

The phones are just inside the center glass doors on Moody’s third floor, at the periodicals desk on the second floor of Moody, at the Government Documents desk on the garden level of Moody, and at the Science & Engineering reference desk on the second floor of Jones.

Cell phone users can simply call the Reference Desk at 710-2122 for assistance.

Jeff Steely, Library Client Services