Creations @ Baylor: The Libraries Spotlight Scholarship and the Arts

Scholarship works of 78 Baylor faculty and staff members will be highlighted at the ninth annual Creations @ Baylor: Libraries Spotlight Scholarship and the Arts. The exhibit will be located in the Allbritton Foyer of Moody Memorial Library from March 1 through April 22.

In addition to books and journal articles, creations this year include photographs, CDs, a collection guide, a website, lighting and graphic design and varied art media such as ceramic sculpture, egg tempera and fiber. Obviously the exhibit cannot showcase every article and book in a case, so the committee continually looks at new ways to display these varied formats. Those participating this year will be honored at a reception from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. on March 2 in the Moody Library foyer. Everyone is welcome.

˘This yearĂs event will also include an exhibit highlighting contributions to the library of the late Dr. A.J. Conyers, a faithful contributor to the Creations @ Baylor showcase,÷ said Carol Schuetz, the exhibit chair.

Two years ago, the librariesĂ committee changed the title of the exhibit in an effort to highlight all the scholarship created at Baylor. Since scholarship spans more than books or artworks, the criteria were expanded to include any creation by faculty and staff considered ˘scholarly÷ for the particular area. For example, chapters, articles in peer-reviewed journals or artworks that have been exhibited in juried shows are acceptable. The main criteria is that these materials were published or exhibited from March 2004 through February 2005.

For more information, contact Schuetz ( or ext. 4410).

or the reception chair, Beth Tice ( or ext. 3679).