BEARdocs vs. Baylor Digital Library: Instant Access Made Easy

What is the difference between the digital collections in BEARdocs and the Baylor Digital Library? BEARdocs provides access to the intellectual output of faculty and students at Baylor University, such as the Department of Economics’ Working Papers Series and the Graduate Schools’ Electronic Theses and Dissertations Collection.

The Baylor Digital Library complements BEARdocs by providing access to unique resources owned by Baylor University, but not representative of the intellectual life of the university.

The library staff digitizes materials owned by the Baylor University Libraries, creates a database appropriate for each collection, assigns descriptive information (metadata) to each item in the collection and provides access to these digital resources through a web interface.

Collections are established based upon their uniqueness, research merit, preservation considerations, copyright restrictions and their appeal to researchers and others. By digitizing these unique and rare materials, the Baylor Digital Library provides access to researchers on the Baylor campus and throughout the world while protecting the originals from over-handling.

As the Baylor Digital Library continues to grow, please examine its collections and consider how these unique resources may be incorporated into your research or curriculum. The Website for the Baylor Digital Library is found at

For more information, e-mail Billie Peterson-Lugo or call 254.710.2344.

Billie Peterson-Lugo
Electronic Library