PawPrints Duplexing Helping Make Baylor Greener

At the beginning of the fall semester, we responded to a charge from Pattie Orr, Vice President for Information Technology and Dean of University Libraries, to make things “greener” around the Libraries by setting all PawPrints stations in the Moody and Jones Libraries, Baylor Science Building Atrium, and the Bill Daniel Student Center to print double-sided (or duplex) by default. PawPrints users can still print one-sided pages as needed, but they must manually select a print queue configured to print one-sided.

Since the transition, paper consumption on the PawPrints network has reduced considerably. On the day we transitioned to duplex printing, we already printed about 50,000 fewer pages this term than last year. As of the beginning of October, we have printed about 110,000 fewer pages than last fall. The ultimate result will be a drastic reduction in paper consumption in one sector of the Baylor University community.

In addition to the introduction of duplex printing, we are enhancing our “greening” effort by ensuring that recycling boxes are available near every PawPrints station, by testing different grades of post-consumer paper for use on PawPrints stations in the University Libraries and by participating on a university-wide sustainability committee.

Our hope is that the PawPrints network will serve as an example to the Baylor University community and that some of the same measures that reduce paper consumption and increase recycling will be replicated. The PawPrints Web site features tips for paper conservation and living more environmentally aware.

- Carl Flynn
Electronic Library