On the Cutting Edge: Confused About Copyright?

Have you ever wondered whether itís okay for you to. . .

  • put scanned articles in your Blackboard courses?
  • share electronic copies of articles with colleagues at other institutions?
  • copy a movie on videotape to DVD for instructional purposes?
  • showcase the articles youíve published on your website?

If you have, you are not alone. Copyright in an academic environment in the 21st century is complex and confusing Ė becoming more so as the amount of information in digital formats continues to increase.

Copyright policy has not been addressed at Baylor University since the early 90s, and there are no guidelines to help faculty and students understand copyright issues. Therefore, a group from the Baylor Libraries, Information Technology Services and the Office of General Council will review and revise the current copyright policy. Together, they will work to develop guidelines and communication tools that will enable faculty and students at Baylor University to understand copyright and use best practices associated with copyright compliance in an educational and research environment.

Continue to watch for more information as this group moves forward with their work.

- Billie Peterson-Lugo
Electronic Library