Student Spotlight - Blair Williams

Blair Williams, a senior from Newton, Kansas, is majoring in music education with a strings emphasis. She teaches viola, violin and cello lessons around the Waco area through Midway ISD and the Central Texas Suzuki Association. Blair is president of Baylorís professional co-ed music fraternity and is heavily involved with other music organizations.

How often do you come to the library? And where in the library do you like to study?
Actually my symphonic literature class meets in the library. But other than that I am still in the library at least once every day. For the most part, my time is spent in the Crouch Fine Arts Library. I go there to get music materials and use the listening stations. I also frequent JavaCity coffee house, of course!

How has use of the electronic reserves improved accessibility of materials for you and other music students?
Listening exams are a staple of any music history or music literature courses. The tests highlight as many as 25 samples for identification. Before, when the resources were only available by coming into the library, my classmates and I had to share the limited copies of CDs. The availability became difficult with as many as 25 students in a class. Now, it is so much better! I can access the same media through the website at home, and I can listen to music excerpts while doing house chores and homework. I even have the option to listen way past library hours into the night if necessary. And, I know that the particular resource I need is always available.

How do your classes benefit from use of the online reserves?
My studio teacher, Dr. Kathryn Steely, even put our listening assignments for studio class on the reserves. The new system affects classes of six people to classes of over 30 people positively. The course reserves have changed my academic life, for sure!

How does being able to access the electronic reserves at home from the library's web page enhance your learning experience?
I am not distracted by others in the library or by the general hustle and bustle of other people getting their work done. I can access the reserves from home when I have time, and not have to worry about getting to the library. Also, I am able to listen to the excerpts numerous times because they are so easily accessible.

What are the problems you have using the electronic reserves?
Wow! Are there any of those? I havenít had any! Maybe just further expansion of the online reserves system and extending the knowledge to all professors to increase use.

What are some ways that you feel the library could better serve the students as well as the public?
I am completely satisfied with the library! I know I will miss it after graduation.

óKatie Dunlap
Student Assistant, Library Advancement Office