Crouch Fine Arts Media Center

Resolve System The Herman Miller furniture chosen for the new multi-media center is spacious and ergonomically correct.

Baylor students are passionate about the fine arts, whether it is listening to music, composing an original work or watching a DVD for an assignment.

The libraries want to upgrade the Crouch Fine Arts Library by purchasing a 12-station center from Herman Miller, adding fine quality soft seating, and securing state-of-the-art equipment for viewing and listening. To make these important improvements, the libraries need to raise $70,000. Profits from the 2004 Ferguson-Clark Lecture, gifts from Library Fellows’ and a grant from the Schumacher Foundation have contributed a total of $40,000, but an additional $30,000 is needed.

This upgrade will provide the additional boost our students need to become even better musicians, singers, performers, listeners, composers and critics of the fine arts.

If you’d like to help, call 254-710-3457 or e-mail John Wilson. A gift to the libraries benefits every Baylor student.

John Wilson
Library Advancement