Venables Double Gift for Crouch Fine Arts Library

Dr. and Mrs. John R. Venable of Temple, both Baylor graduates, have doubled their charitable gift annuity to the Baylor University Libraries, specifically for the Crouch Fine Arts Library.

“We both have a unique appreciation for the value of the library as part of the learning process,” Dr. Venable said.

Known as the Ethel P. Venable Fund, this annuity will allow the library to significantly broaden the holdings of the fine arts collection by providing funds to purchase additional fine arts materials.

Mrs. Venable, who received her Bachelor of Science degree in 1945, began her love of music and art at an early age, and this sizable expansion of support reflects the Venables’ desire to encourage students to prize and learn from the arts.

The annuity guarantees both the university and the Venables a percentage of interest from the funds, and also ensures income from the gift for the life of Mrs. Venable.

“This contribution allows the Crouch Fine Arts Library to be excellent instead of simply adequate,” said John Wilson, director of library advancement. “It not only gives the library an overwhelming vote of confidence as to what the Baylor Libraries are accomplishing, but also provides the flexibility needed in purchasing unique and rare materials essential for a growing, first-class library.”

The collection, which resides within the fine arts library, will focus on the acquisition and maintenance of holdings in the areas of music, the visual arts, artisan pieces and literature, as well as the performing arts.

“To anyone considering a donation [to the Baylor Libraries], I would say ‘Congratulations, just do it.’  I would tell them there is no place to contribute that would benefit Baylor and the learning process more,” Dr. Venable added.

 - Jonathan Ludwig
Library Advancement