Libraries Wish List

Library of Latin Texts ($1,483): A full-text database of modern critical editions of Latin classical, patristic, and medieval Christian writers including the entire corpus of ancient Latin literature up to the second century A.D. The database also contains a significant amount of Neo-Latin Literature (after 1500) including decrees from modern ecumenical councils up to Vatican II and 16th century translations into Latin of important medieval works.

McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology ($2,995): This latest revision of the Encyclopedia has taken place over a five-year period that has seen continued acceleration of the rate at which scientific information is generated, disseminated and shared. Many of the fundamental debates in contemporary society require sound scientific and technical information relating to these advances.

JSTOR, Arts & Sciences Complement ($4,000): Journals may be focused in any of the more than thirty arts, humanities, and social sciences disciplines covered by JSTOR. Our aim is to introduce important titles that we were unable to include in earlier collections and to capture journals that cross discipline boundaries. A minimum of 150 titles will be included by the end of 2008.

Primary Sources of the Women’s Movement, 1960 to Present: Publications on the Status of Women ($9,425): An archive of all available publications of federal, state and local Commissions on the Status of Women beginning in the mid-1960s. These resources include data and statistics, personal testimony, chronologies, milestones, biographies, laws and legal challenges, training instructions, self-help guides and more.

While specific to women, the content is topically broad, supporting research in history, sociology, psychology and related areas. Affirmative action, crime and violence, education, economics, housing, childcare, health services, abortion, pornography, language, jobs, maternity leave, politics, law, disability, minority rights, the image of women and other subjects are covered.

Making of the Modern World ($74,700): This exclusive resource combines the strengths of two preeminent collections: the Goldsmiths’ Library of Economic Literature at the University of London and the Kress Library of Business and Economics at the Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration. Supplementary materials are included from the Seligman Collection in the Butler Library at Columbia University and the libraries of Yale University.

With full-text searching, The Making of the Modern World provides unparalleled access to more than 61,000 books from the period 1450–1850, and 466 pre-1906 serials — nearly 12 million pages in all — many are the only known copy of the work in the world.