Q & A with Pattie Orr

What are you most looking forward to as you begin your new position?
Iím looking forward to the opportunity to define this new role as I lead both the University Libraries and Information Technology. As the dean of libraries, I will report to the provost and be part of the Deansí Council. As the first vice president for IT, I will have direct access to the Baylor president. This will allow me to be a strong advocate for both groups in the academic arena as well as at the Presidentís Executive Council. I hope that my participation will make all Baylor departments more aware of the benefit through partnership with IT and the Libraries.

Do you foresee any major challenges with fundraising for the Libraries?
Actually, I think fundraising for the Libraries will not be terribly difficult because we have an important story to tell. I really believe in the work that is being done at the Baylor University Libraries, and it will be a pleasure to share our story with alums and other friends of the Libraries. The library is the heart of the campus, and I look forward to helping our donors understand the relevance and need for this vital academic life center.

What role will BAIRS (Baylor Automated Information Retrieval System) play in shaping the future of the Libraries?
Often folks will say, ďWith all that electronic stuff, why do you need to expand the building?Ē What donors may not realize is the way students and faculty work today is very collaborative, yet many of our most valuable resources are not available online and need to be housed nearby for easier retrieval. BAIRS is the first step in making that happen. By moving items into this automated on-site storage facility, we will not only have them instantly available for our students and faculty, but also free up much needed space where patrons can access information, collaborate, get research support and access technology critical for the 21st century library.

What hobbies do you enjoy?
I love to go to the movies, eat popcorn and enjoy the experience with the crowd. Or at home, I love my Tivo and enjoy recording and watching old movies. I also love baseball and have to admit I am a Red Sox fan, but Iím looking forward to cheering on the Baylor Bears.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Very easy! Hšagen Dazs Chocolate Chocolate Chip