BUWAH: Making a Difference

Dean Pattie Orr and John Wilson, director of library development, visited the executive council of BUWAH (Baylor University Women’s Association of Houston) on Tuesday, January 29, 2008, to present information on the special projects BUWAH has funded in the Baylor Libraries. From 2002 to 2007, interest from the BUWAH Endowment provided a total of $5,778.90 toward student-centered improvements.

With approximately 773,000 annual users, the Central Libraries of Baylor are the academic center of the University. BUWAH’s support has played a vital role in improving the library community. Artwork purchased for the Prichard Family Information Commons, an area which provides computer use and study areas for students, has made the environment more pleasant and conducive to learning. Funds were also used to reupholster 22 Harry Bertoia classic chrome diamond chairs original to the Moody Library, which opened in 1968. A new drive-up book deposit located outside the southeast corner of Moody now provides a more convenient drop-off location for students and faculty members returning books.

Without the support of BUWAH, the libraries would be a less inviting place for students to study, learn and interact with others. BUWAH’s loyal and continued support of Baylor Libraries has helped meet the needs of students, faculty, staff and alumni.

- Amelia Hudson
Library Advancement