Garden Level Redesign

Exciting changes and major updates are in the planning stages for the Garden Level of Moody Memorial Library. This level has seen many changes in the last 40 years, but this newest renovation will completely transform the area.

Phase I of the project will involve the relocation and expansion of the Riley Digitization Center. This will involve creating offices for staff, work areas to house the equipment, a collaboration room and study space for students. This portion of the renovation will be completed in Fall 2008 and is made possible by funding from the Riley Foundation. The changes will greatly improve the digitization capabilities and services available to students and faculty.

Phase II of the Garden Level renovation will be the construction of a flexible high-tech classroom. The plan involves creating a space where the desks and chairs can be easily reconfigured to accommodate either large classes of 40-50 students or small groups depending on the needs of the class.

“We plan to partner with the Academy for Teaching and Learning to experiment with the best practices in using flexible classroom configurations in a high-tech environment,” said Tim Logan, director of the Electronic Library and chair of the renovation committee.

The Garden Level is now a 24-hour study area open from 1 p.m. on Sunday to 10 p.m. on Friday. In this information age, student projects are more collaborative and require space for groups to work together while accessing technology. These newest renovations will begin to meet the changing technological and study needs of today’s college student.

The library has received a generous grant from the Schumacher Foundation of Dover, Mass., and the proceeds from the annual Ferguson-Clark Author Series have been designated to help with the creation of the flexible learning classroom. However, Phase II of the project is not fully funded. If you would like to help with this transformational project, please contact the Library Advancement Office at 254.710.3800 or

- John Wilson, Development Officer