Online Development System Outage

August 4, 2011
This week, ITS will be moving the professional development online registration system to a new server, so it will be down for an undetermined amount of time on Friday, August 5th. When the system is brought up, a few updates will be in place. We anticipate further updates throughout the year to improve ease of use for both employees and those of you with administrator access. We are working with admin users from various departments to develop these updates in an effort to incorporate a variety of suggestions and to mitigate unexpected complications.

A summary of the updates taking effect this week are noted below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

•System will be titled "Training and Development" and the website will be The previous web address will be automatically redirected to the new one. With the increased use of the system by a variety of areas in the university, and the transition of POD responsibilities to Human Resources, we felt it was important to reflect the widespread use of the system in the name. While HR Center for Learning & Leadership will continue to work with ITS to maintain and improve the system, we hope to include all members of the training and development community at Baylor by soliciting input, as well as establishing some general instructions and standards of use over the next year.
•Browse Seminars page will be the landing page once employees log-in.
•Font size on rosters when printed will be increased.
•Note on the Add/Edit Course page will be added to the ID line: ID (6 characters). The ID has been programmed as six characters, but this is not currently explained anywhere on the page.
•Sessions that are Invite Only will not be pulled as options for the "Other times offered" postings.
•Waitlist will be based on date/time stamp, rather than alphabetical order.
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