New Process for Purchasing iPad Apps

May 23, 2011
ITS will continue to purchase and install the DocsToGo Premium and GoodReader apps for all new University-owned iPads when they are installed. All other apps requested by an employee for business purposes will now need to be purchased directly through their department. The Apple Volume Purchasing Program (VPP) has been very successful, and Apple is now allowing ITS to assign separate accounts to departmental representatives.

To set up an account, you will need to designate a departmental representative to access the Apple VPP, and then have them contact Mark Mastin. Your departmental representative will receive authorization and training to purchase VPP cards in increments of $100 with no tax applied. The departmental representative can then purchase redemption codes as needed. The client would access the Apple App Store and click the "redeem" button to enter the code that has been provided by the departmental representative in order to purchase the app.
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