New Tivoli Tools

July 30, 2004
ITS has recently developed new tools to make the Tivoli backup system more user friendly. The first is the Tivoli Alert Monitor. This is a scheduled task that runs daily and polls a local log file to determine if your computer has been backed up in the last three business days. If you have not, it alerts you with a pop up window so that you can take the appropriate action to restore the backup process.

Second, ITS developed the Tivoli Client Initiated Backup (TCIB). This tool allows you to manually perform a backup at any time. This tool is really just a one-click process that performs the steps that would normally be required to perform a backup. You will see a window on your desktop while the backup is taking place. It normally takes between three to six minutes to complete. Warning: the Tivoli server is "down" everyday from approximately 12:30PM to 1:30PM so that the server itself can be backed up. If you try to perform a backup during this timeframe, you will receive an error message.

Third, ITS developed the Tivoli Backup Status tool (TBS). This tool reads the log file data and displays the date and time of the last backup performed by the Tivoli server. It will prominently display the date and time of your last backup. In addition, it will display a list of several of your most recent backups. Please note: This tool displays backups performed by the server, not those initiated by the client.

All tools can be installed from and are installed by default with new installations of Tivoli. Once installed, you can find the latter two tools under your Start Menu in the Tivoli Storage Manager folder. Please call the HELP line if you have any questions about installation, configuration, or operation.

Special thanks to Mike Gonzales for developing TCIB and TBS.
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