Voicemail Outage 6/30/04

July 1, 2004
This follow-up information is in regard to the outage to the voicemail system that occurred on 6/30/2004:

The Voicemail system was reported down sometime after 6:00 a.m. on Wednesday, June 30, 2004. The services lost during this outage included:

Loss of menus options: For example, the Help Desk and 1-800 BaylorU Menu choices.
Forwarding to voicemail: For example, Calling someone while they were on the phone gave complete silence instead of the usual busy signal.

The logs in the switch confirm that we lost connection at 6:35 AM. No errors were reported in the log, so the cause is unknown. Upon reboot, 2 services failed to reload automatically. These services were subsets of other services that had to be "located," shut down, then restarted in sequence each time. Each of these reboots took approximately 15 minutes. Additional time was also needed to turn on the services and do some testing. All services were fully restored by 11:15 AM.
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