ITS Support Available for Microsoft Office 2010

September 20, 2010
Microsoft officially released Office 2010 this summer, and ITS now offers full support for the latest release of this popular product. Office 2010 is available upon request on all new installations of Windows systems and is also available from the ITS Appcenter software installer web page The Baylor Bookstore also offers Office 2010 for home use to all faculty, staff and students. Since this is an upgrade from Office 2007, everyone is eligible to purchase a new copy.

Instructor-led seminars for Office 2010 will be available from ITS beginning in October. Scheduled times for these seminars will be listed in the weekly Training Opportunities email from POD and also on the POD Seminar Registration website.

The new version of Office has some solid improvements, especially in Outlook that definitely make it worth the time to install to the new version. Here are just a few of the highlights.

  • The File tab is back in Office 2010 with an enhanced "backstage" view that provides a more spacious menu of the common tasks performed, such as saving and printing. It also provides useful information about your current file.

  • All applications in this version share the common Ribbon interface that was introduced in Office 2007. The Ribbon has been tweaked and the large Office circle button has been redesigned as a small rectangle.

  • Outlook is New and Improved! Microsoft added a variety of features to assist you with email overload. The Ribbon makes it easier to navigate to most functions previously buried under menus; Mail handling is accomplished faster by right clicking on any message to choose from a variety of actions. Other options include: Improved Message Threading by right clicking on a message and selecting "Find Related" to view all messages in the conversation; Conversation View allows you to put all email messages together by conversation; While in the conversation view, you can select "Clean Up" to delete all unnecessary quotes and previous text in email threads, so only the unduplicated version remains.

    For a quick review of the new features in Outlook, use the Microsoft on-line tutorial. The tutorial takes approximately 40 minutes to complete, but is broken into short segments. Here is the link:

  • Word offers some new options: Paste Preview - previews how something looks before you paste into your document; Photo Editing Tools - edits your photos or picture by selecting a photo or picture you have placed in a document and a format tab appears with a choice of editing tools; New Search interface - opens a left-hand pane with options for narrowing a search; Screen shots - adds the ability to create and insert screen shots into your document.

  • Excel added a new feature called "sparklines," which are small cell-sized charts that you can embed in a worksheet that emphasizes data visually.

  • PowerPoint introduces a slew of enhanced video features that provide the ability to trim and compress videos and add fade-ins and outs. A set of video controls is provided, such as pause, rewind, fast-forward, etc.

Office 2010 comes in both 32- and 64-bit versions; however, Microsoft recommends installing the 32-bit version on all platforms. The only users that would benefit from the 64-bit version are those that use large Excel spreadsheets of 1GB or more.
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