Banner Software Upgrades - 3/14/2004

March 14, 2004
Sunday, March 14, beginning at 2:00 PM, Banner (PROD) will be restricted due to Banner software upgrades. Access to the following services will be affected: Banner, BearWeb (including Web for Employees), DARS, AlumniSearch, NolijWeb, ChairSIS, PAWS and ClassRoll.
These systems will not be available until after the Storage Systems upgrade that will occur following this maintenance (click here for info).

Please remember to log out of Banner when you leave for the weekend or by 2:00 pm on Sunday. If you are still logged in when the system comes down, you will get errors when trying to use your Banner session after that, which may require you to restart your PC.

Additional information, if necessary, will be posted on the DOWN line at extension 3696 (710-DOWN).

Please direct any questions through the HELP Line at extension 4357 (710-HELP).
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