Switcharoo is Coming

March 1, 2004
By this time, all faculty and staff should have received information via email and campus mail about Project Switcharoo. This is the codename for the project in progress that will change the primary personal identifier for students, employees, and alumni in University information systems from social security number to an assigned nine digit number. Switcharoo was undertaken in an effort to protect privacy and guard against identity theft.

Much work has already been accomplished by the project team. New ID cards will be printed in the coming weeks and will be distributed to students and employees during the last week of April. The actual "Switcharoo" for these groups (when the new ID numbers and ID cards will become active) will occur during the end of May after graduation processing is completed.

Continue to check the project Web page, click here, for news and updates regarding Switcharoo, or email questions to switcharoo@baylor.edu.
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