Automatic Windows System Updates

December 18, 2003
Information Technology Services will be providing a new service that will automatically download critical Windows system updates on your computer overnight. You will no longer have to stop and find time to do critical updates when you see the system update alert at the bottom of the computer screen. We call it System Update Services or SUS for short. We have been testing it in ITS for several months, and it works great. The new service will start Monday, January 5, unless we are notified before then of an imminent attack for which you computer would be vulnerable.

It is important that we keep our network secure, so we are able to work without disruption from attempts by malicious hackers. Microsoft will send alert notification when critical updates are available. After these updates are tested by ITS staff, they will be automatically downloaded to your computer. It is best to keep your computer turned on, but "logged off" at the end of the day. When you arrive at work in the morning, the update is installed automatically when you logon to your computer

More detailed information and frequently asked questions are available at If you desire to opt out of this service, please submit the form also found at this website.
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