Office 2003 Upgrade Installation is Now Available

November 20, 2003
Office 2003 is now available to all Baylor faculty and staff. The deployment of Office 2003 was originally scheduled for the end of the fall semester as this update includes new versions of all the Microsoft products. Training for these new versions will not be available until January and early February 2004.

Due to the fact that we have had to temporarily suspend spam tagging services, we moved up the deployment as Outlook 2003 allows the ability to filter junk (spam) e-mail messages. If you would like to take advantage of Outlook's new filter, you may want to upgrade now. If your computer meets the recommended system requirements you may access the installer from

Recommended System Requirements:

PIII (or higher)
256 MB of RAM (or above)
500 MB HD space (or more)
Windows XP*
Internet Explorer 5.5, or higher
Monitor Resolution (800 x 600), or higher

*If you are running Windows 2000, this upgrade will require assistance from one of the Windows OS support staff. You may request an upgrade by calling the Help Desk at 4357.

What will Outlook 2003 offer you?

Microsoft has developed their own analyzer to filter suspected junk (spam) e-mail messages, which is now available in Outlook 2003.

Once installed and configured, the junk mail filter will be active automatically, however, you do have the ability to make modifications to the filter options. Outlook 2003 creates a system folder called "Junk E-mail" when installed along with a few other new features. E-mail messages that are suspected as junk (spam) are automatically filtered into the junk e-mail folder.
Filter options under "Tools" will allow you to change your filter level, add safe senders (all of your contacts are considered "safe" by default), and add blocked senders. Do note that "blocked" means blocked from your Inbox--not your Mailbox. The junk e-mail folder will need to be checked from time to time to make sure that a known "good" message does not arrive there. If it does, then simply add that sender to your safe senders list. The most appealing feature in the junk mail filter is that clients do not have to create their own rules each time a junk (spam) e-mail message is received. Please see Outlook 2003 Highlights.

Unfortunately, we all know spammers are quite crafty and quite often change email addresses or domains from where they are spamming.

Is there any other option for filtering spam if you are not ready to upgrade?

There is another option called Matador, but this filter utility must be purchased and installed by the ITS staff. The cost is $30 per client. Please visit to learn more about Matador.

For technical assistance, please contact the Help Desk at 4357 or Lisa Steed at 4144.
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