Macintosh System Upgrade 10.6

September 3, 2009
Apple released the new version of the Macintosh OS, 10.6 (Snow Leopard), last week. Many of the vendors of daily office applications that are used on campus, such as PGP (encryption), Tivoli (backups) and LANDesk (asset tracking), have not released versions of their software that are compatible with Mac OS 10.6. As soon as these new versions are released, ITS will continue testing to make sure that 10.6 is compatible with all existing software applications supported by the University. Of most immediate concern is the current lack of centralized backups for the new OS - any Mac running 10.6 cannot yet be backed up by our established central backup system.

At this point, ITS is not supporting Mac OS 10.6 for campus use. Many of our sister institutions, like MIT, are also being very cautious about moving campus Macs to this very new OS version. When ITS is ready to support OS 10.6, it will be implemented in a phased-in process by starting with new computer installations. Plans for upgrading all existing Intel Macs on campus will be announced in October. Campus licensing for the OS will cover all Intel Macs on campus, so purchase of the upgrade by departments will not be required.

Therefore, please do not upgrade university owned Macintoshes at this time because this will prevent the computer from being able to be backed up by Tivoli.

More in depth information on the new version is available at Call the Help Line (HELP/4357) for updates on the status of ITS support for Mac OS 10.6.
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