BearWeb Changes

October 20, 2003
by Becky King
As of early September, students no longer had access to the original BearWeb system used to view and update their information over the Web. This application accessed the University's previous student information system which became obsolete with the end of the summer terms. The data on that BearWeb was out-of date and no longer being updated. For example, it did not include fall class registrations or any course substitutions or waivers approved since the second summer semester. Students must now exclusively use the new BearWeb that accesses the new Banner Student Information System. All links on the Baylor Website have been updated to reflect this change.

Students earlier used this new BearWeb to register for Fall 2003 classes. This BearWeb does not yet give students access to their transcripts or degree audits. Over the past months that academic records data was migrated from the old student information system (Plus) to the new one (Banner). A review and audit of this critical academic information is now underway. When the Office of Academic Records feels that the data is accurate, it will be made available to students through BearWeb. Transcript data should be available soon. Degree audits will be phased in over the coming months as individual programs are completed in the new degree audit system.
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