Dutton Avenue Offices and Parking Facility

October 20, 2003
by Charlotte Lenox
Three divisions of ITS have moved out of the Rogers Building. The IT Servers and Networks division under direction of Bob Hartland, Client Services directed by Vicky Gerik, and the IT Business Affairs staff moved to the Dutton Avenue Office and Parking Facility in July, 2003. The Information Systems and Services group directed by Becky King and the Internet Services group directed by Randy Woodruff continue to be housed in Rogers and in the Robinson Tower. The entire staff of these groups will relocate to the Robinson Tower in the near future.

The new Dutton facility includes two large seminar rooms which are already being used for technology training previously held in Rogers. Entrance to the seminar rooms is through the door marked ITS Offices inside the first floor of the garage. Once inside the lobby, the seminar rooms are to the immediate right. Signs in the lobby will give additional direction.

The Baylor Computer Store, Hardware Support Operations, Computer Installations, and the Telephone Services staff will remain in the Fifth Street Parking Garage. No phone numbers are changed.

The loaner laptop program for faculty and staff operates in the Rogers Building. The contact is Tom_Waden@baylor.edu, phone 4126. The ITS mailing address and phone number remain unchanged: PO Box 97268, 710-2711.
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