Spam Filtering Available for Baylor Email

October 20, 2003
by ITS Staff
A spam filter is now available for those interested. In order to have your incoming mail filtered, you must opt-into the program at At this link, you can also read about the procedure in more detail. It will be important to read the procedure for "creating rules for organizing spam". You may opt-in and then opt-out as you wish.

Not everyone receives the same quantity of spam. If you are receiving an exceptional amount of Spam, you should first opt-in to the spam filter. In most cases this has alleviated the spam problem. But, there are some who have required an additional level of help beyond this. ITS will work with clients who require additional filtering by offering a client side application, which should help reduce even more SPAM. However, opt-ing into to the spam filter is you first recommended course of action.
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