Changes to the Baylor's Faculty/Staff Computer Give-away Program

October 15, 2003
The Faculty/Staff computer give-away program will be discontinued until further notice effective January 1, 2004. Most of the computers that qualify for the give-away program require an upgrade to the Windows operating system. The Windows versions needed for these computers (Windows 95/98) is no longer available for purchase. Support from Microsoft for Windows 95 ended December 2001 and Windows 98 will end January 2004. When a newer generation of give-aways is available, we will reinstate the give-away program.

Effective October 1, 2003, Information Technology Services will no longer process requests for faculty/staff computer give-aways. If your name is currently on the waiting list, ITS will attempt to fill your request prior to January 1, 2004 with a computer that can run a current version of the operating system. If your request cannot be filled by January 1, you will be contacted by ITS.
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