ITS Announces New University Video Surveillance Policy

March 3, 2009
To ensure a safe campus environment and protect the University's assets, it has become expedient to deploy video surveillance systems in both outdoor and indoor areas across campus. In order to ensure the privacy rights of those in our community and to manage the growth of surveillance systems across campus, ITS implemented a new video surveillance policy effective March 2, 2009.

The policy requires all video surveillance requests to go through a centralized committee consisting of ITS, Baylor Police and Risk Management. Further the policy defines the University's right to deploy video systems to deter crime, assist in criminal investigations and ensure campus safety while protecting cameras used on campus for research purposes or personal use. The requirements articulated in the policy set a responsible framework for future deployment of video surveillance systems and articulate consequences for misuse.

To review the new policy, please visit Visit the ITS website for news and information about your information technology needs.
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