Baylor Information Network

August 5, 2003
This fall the Baylor Information Network will be launched to help build community at Baylor University. A group of students with assistance from Baylor ITS have not only chartered a new student organization on campus, whose primary purpose is to serve fellow students/faculty/staff, but have also created an entire website to do just that. The organization is comprised of volunteer students who are motivated by interests in technology, marketing, web design and building ma sense of connection between students, the campus, and the Waco community.

The Baylor Information Network (BIN for short) currently consists of students who maintain the content for a website ( that acts as a Baylor portal to a number of information sources. Just some of the features include:

· Campus Calendar
· Message Boards
· Local/National News
· Current Weather
· Restaurant Guide
· Church Directory
· Virtual Market

Users will be able to login and participate in a Message Board discussion, read current Waco or national news, check current stock prices, post items they wish to sell and much more. More than just a place to read what others say, the BIN is intended to encourage participation by all in the Baylor family. Students, staff and faculty are invited submit articles or photos, write restaurant or movie reviews and contribute to the discourse on message boards. BIN is about participation by everyone on campus.

Partnering with over 27 universities, Baylor has contributed to building a university portal system that can be used worldwide. The portal software package is known as SINAPSE ( It was originally developed by Oklahoma University and has since been adopted by 6 other universities and is in the process of being launched at another 15 universities sometime this year.

The primary founders of the organization include Randy Woodruff, Director of Internet Services, Micheal Pettibone, Internet Services staff and Brad Pierce, Student Body Internal V.P. Having weekly meetings for over a year, the Baylor Information Network is excited to launch the website this fall for all students, staff and faculty to use.
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