New Locations for ITS

August 5, 2003
With the completion of the Dutton Avenue Parking Garage, two divisions of ITS will move to a new location. On July 24th and 25th, ITS personnel in the Client Services division and the IT Servers and Networks division, along with the central ITS office and reception area, will move into office space in the new parking garage.

Client Services, under the direction of Vicky Gerik, includes certain campus support services, namely Help Line Services, Training Services, and Operating Systems Services. Two other groups in this division, Hardware Services and Installation Services, are located in the Fifth Street Parking Garage, and they will not move from that location.

IT Servers and Networks is directed by Bob Hartland. This group includes campus networking and all the centralized servers for the campus. The specific groups are Networking Systems, Computing Systems, and Server Management. Telephone Operations is also part of this division, but they will not move from their current location in Draper.

These divisions are by no means all of ITS. The Information Systems and Services division, under direction of Becky King, and the Internet Services division, directed by Randy Woodruff are currently divided between Rogers and the seventh floor of Robinson Tower. These groups will all be located in Robinson Tower once renovation is completed on the seventh floor. But for now, persons in these divisions who are located in Rogers will remain in Rogers.

It is our plan that IT service disruption will be minimal, if any. The move of the servers and the data center will be accomplished in phases, and the campus will be notified in advance of any scheduled outages. The final part of the server/data center move will not be completed until after the Summer II academic session. Services associated with the Help Line should see no interruption. Training seminars will proceed as scheduled; one training room will be functional in the new building before the last training room is dismantled from Rogers.

We appreciate the patience and support of the campus as we make this move. It is our aim to accomplish this move with as little affect as possible to the IT services needed for our constituents.
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