IMPORTANT - Data Center Move Information

July 15, 2003
At the end of July, ITS staff will begin the enormous undertaking of relocating the existing data center from Rogers Engineering and Computer Science building to the new Dutton Street facility. For over a year, careful planning and preparations have gone into the construction of a new facility. We are now at the point where we will physically move servers, running critical services, to the new location. Although planned down time and outages of various systems will result during the move, ITS is committed to keeping you informed about system interruptions during this process. Specific information on dates and times for moving various systems can be found on

From the earliest days of planning the new data center, ITS has known the job of moving all the servers, storage systems, network switches and related equipment would be a major undertaking. Planning for this move is hitting high gear right now. Numerous members of the ITS staff are currently working to complete the planning for the move.
ITS staff not only has to relocate the equipment and services, but plans to move their own offices as well. Staff will move starting the 24th and server equipment will start to move on July 28th. The second phase of server moves will commence on August 11th.

Different phases of the moves will be handled with staff members working shifts along with two companies that have dealt with major data center moves before. "There is no way we can move all of this at once," said Tommy Roberson. "The chaos in the new data center of having every system arrive all at once would be simply unmanageable" said Bob Hartland. The benefit of approaching the move in this fashion is that individual systems should be down for as short a time as possible.
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