ITS Recommended Computer Handling Procedures

September 12, 2008
With the threat of inclement weather potentially brought to the campus by Hurricane Ike, faculty and staff should do the following when leaving campus for the weekend:
  • For laptop/notebook computers that have been "out of the office" and for which emails noting missing backups have been received, initiate a manual backup. See "How do I initiate my own backup?" on this web page: or call the ITS Help Desk (ext. 4357/HELP) for assistance.
  • Power down all desktop and laptop computers.
  • Unplug all computers and other electrical equipment, with the exception of essential equipment or research equipment that cannot be disconnected without serious damage to research projects
  • In offices prone to flooding (particularly those in basement or ground floor levels), move electrical and computing equipment off the floor.
  • Once powered off, computing equipment near windows or in offices known to have ceiling leakage should be covered with plastic sheeting (trash bags will work) if possible.
  • Protect external storage media (CDs, flash drives, etc.) containing valuable information.
  • Store documents, loose paper, binders, etc. in cabinets or desk drawers.
  • If a computer gets wet, do not attempt to restart it when returning to the office.
    Continue to monitor the Baylor Hurricane Ike website for any additional instructions.
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