Computer Amnesty!

June 17, 2003
Baylor University is now required to pay for disposal of old computers. Information Technology Services is absorbing these disposal fees, and we will continue to do so for computers that are directly replaced by a new computer purchased from the Computer Store. After September 15, 2003, ITS will charge departments for disposal of computer equipment that is not being directly replaced by a new purchase from the Computer Store.

We have a contract with Dell Financial Services for pickup, dismantling, and EPA-compliant destruction of computer components. Before pickup by Dell, Baylor technicians remove all data from hard drives using a method that prevents any type of data retrieval. If the computer is inoperable so that the drive cannot be erased, then the technicians physically drill holes in the hard drive. Prices for Dell's services vary depending on the age and model of the computers, and prices are subject to change each month. Current pricing is $50 for VT terminals, $30 for most other monitors, and $30 for most computers. It is expected that disposal charges will increase as time goes by.

Until September 15, 2003, departments may return, without a replacement, any computers, monitors, or printers for disposal, and the disposal fees will be absorbed by ITS. All equipment returned must have a valid BUID tag. No items other than Baylor equipment will be accepted. Please phone the HelpDesk (x4357) to request pickup at your department.

Computer components contain elements that are environmentally hazardous when disposed of improperly. For that reason, computers cannot be placed in landfills or other trash dumps. Please do not place any computer equipment in dumpsters. Doing so is against the law. If computers are found in Baylor dumpsters, or if Baylor computers are found in a dumpster anywhere, Baylor University is subject to a maximum fine of ten thousand dollars per day per offense.

Our goals are: 1) to be good stewards of the environment by disposing of hazardous materials correctly and promptly and 2) to remove excess equipment now before the disposal charges become even higher.

For questions about environmental regulations, please phone Jess Kelly in the Risk Management Office at X4586. For questions about Baylor computer disposal, please phone Charlotte Lenox in ITS at X4675.

Policy for Disposition of Old Computers
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