Managing Departmental Websites through Baylor's CMS

June 12, 2003
Last summer the Internet Services Group completed the design of a new web-based Content Management System. This system helps meet the on going university need for individual departments to have the ability to easily create and maintain the content within their website. In just nine months, approximately 100 departmental websites have been incorporated into the CMS. Some web sites that have been included recently are:
Alumni Services
Student Activities

Internet Services still offers CMS support to departments using the new system, but the overwhelming majority of the website maintenance is now controlled by individuals within the specific departments. This philosophy has proven to be an extremely efficient and accurate method of handling the ongoing maintenance of web information.

In an effort to continually expand this new system to meet the university's web needs, Internet Services is further developing the CMS to include more features based upon group research and recommendations from individual departments who currently use the system. Some new features that have already been added to the CMS since its creation are: keywords and descriptions can be included, a callout box builder, and the ability to add a FAQ and/or News area to your website. More features are currently being developed.

For more information about this system, go to the following URL on the Internet: .

If you would like to learn more about how the Content Management System can help your department manage web content, you may register for a CMS seminar on the Internet:

There are two content management seminars. The Web Content Development Seminar (WEBCMS) is for those individuals who are new to learning the CMS. Upon completion of the first seminar, those individuals who would like to learn about the more advanced features that are available within this system should register for The Web Content Advanced Seminar (WEBCMA).
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